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Dear Santa…

Christmas is coming!
It’s the final countdown before gift season, and maybe you are still struggling to find the perfect present, or you maybe you have no clue of what you could put on your list. When it feels like we already have so much, it’s difficult to get the right idea, the one both enjoyable and useful. Well, there I thought I might give you a few hints to mix cool and sustainable, so here are my suggestions.

1/ Smart molds by Lékué

It’s been years now that I use these lovely silicon molds in summer to turn my fruits leftovers, herbs, or whatever I’m scared to waste, into beautiful tasty iced popsicles. And now guess what? Lékué designed this smart caps to use them the rest of the year to make cute pastries!

The caps are gifted on their website now if you fall for one of their kit, but you can also buy them separately.

Popsicle molds // From 6,50€ to 24,90€
Popsicle caps // 3,50€
Buy on Lékué website.

2/ Not just another cookbook


Maybe all you know about Ikea and food is their meatballs and other swedish specialties.
But did you know that Ikea is also at the forefront of food innovation? The brand is commited to provide sustainable and healthy products, and by 2050 50% of their recipes will be plant-based.
Ikea Canada and the agency Rethink designed « The ScrapsBook », made in collaboration with 10 chefs across North America, it includes 50 recipes that show you what you can do with the little bits of food you normally throw away. And you can download it here… Wait, it’s free! Well it’s a gift anyway.

So if you want a physical book, I would recommend the inspirational and practical « Future Food Today », developed by Space 10 and the design studio Barkas. Located in Copenhaghen, Space 10 is the research and design lab of Ikea on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet.
« Future Food Today » ambition is « to bring out a positive vision for the future of food, and aims to give people the recipe to take action », no less.

© Space 10

« Future Food Today », Space 10 // 39€. Buy on Frame website.

3/ Kit Pickles by Lékué

Ok, again a Lékué product, I swear I don’t have a partnership with them (not yet ;p ). I’m just talking about my experience, and I’ve been using this product for a few years now. To make lemon confit (something I ALWAYS have in my fridge), or when I have leftovers of cauliflower, oignons or else, this is an amazing solution to turn vegetables into delicious fermented condiments. Quick and easy to make, they are as easy to keep in your fridge for weeks. Discover a whole new yummy way to save and preserve your food!


Kit Pickles // 36,90€. Buy on Lékué website.

4/ Pickles mix and match: cookbook recommendation

Making fermented vegetables is really easy and quite intuitive really, the basics are quite simple to get. But if you want to take the process at an other level, I would recommend you the best-selling « Fermented Vegetables » by Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey. Passionated by fermentation, they founded their own online school (hey! another cool gift maybe).

The book is available worldwide, please try not to buy it on Amazon if you can…
« Fermented Vegetables », Kristen K. and Christopher Shockey // 24€

5/ The coolest bottle ever

© 24 Bottles

I discovered this italian brand a few years ago. Their refillable bottles are particularly light and I personaly love their designs.

“We think that good aesthetics can be a lever to convince people adopting healthy behaviours and lifestyles.”

Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti founders of 24Bottles®

I’m particularly found of their Sport Bottle range, with their straw and elegant gradient colours.

24Bottles Sport Bottles // From 21,90€ to 36,90€. Buy on 24Bottles shop.

6/ The iconic shopping bag

© Susan Bijl

Susan Bijl is a fashion and accessories born like its creator, in Netherlands. In 2000, Susan was still a student when she created The New Shopping Bag to help people avoid single-use plastic bags. Made in recycled nylon, it has been declined in about 400 versions.
In 2020, The New Shopping Bag even integrated the collections of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, as an iconic piece of Rotterdam’ design.

© Jan Bijl

The New Shopping Bag // From 19,90€ to 34,90€. Buy on Susan Bijl website.

7/ Because Christmas is to receive and give

Developed by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), this application allows to “share the meal” with a child in need. With US$ 0.80, one child can be fed for a day. ShareTheFood app is a very intuitive, easy and transparent tool to make big changes and fight hunger worlwide.
It makes sense in this time of year where many will gather and share food to have a thought about the ones in need.
To share a meal, know more about it and download the app, go on ShareTheMeal website.

Merry Christmas to all!

Eat your spinach

French Art Director and Illustrator based in Barcelona.

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